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Theres an old saying the map is not the territory .... This here page is like a map with lots of helpful instructions on it but theres nothing better then gettin out there and exploring the territory fer yerself ... MMT

Any b/w photographers or journalists out there ? 

Mountain Man Times The man on the right is Will Walker, who was the first settler of the Tremont area of the Smoky Mountains in 1859. Besides being a famous hunter and marksman (he was barred from shooting contests), he was a blacksmith, farmer, livestock trader, and the father to 27 children by 3 women. It was said he built the rifle shown, known as "Ole Death". Will died in 1919 You can of course find many items like cast iron skilletts , cast iron stoves and hatchettes for making tomahawks at your local thrift store or flea mkt but for those of you in the modern world without the luxxxery of time the TIMES provides you with auction links for such products .We will also be offering tutorials on refurbishing such items , harvesting and treating wood fo...r handles , planting fruit trees like johnny appleseed , hunting techniques , tanning hides , proper riding techniques , packing a horse for a long trip , making rustic furniture , panning for gold and all other kinds of things that interest me and hopefully you as well .If there are topics you might like us to research for you or you would like to add your thesis please feel free to message me here or email me at [email protected] Thank you all for your support . best wishes ,  AMA-DEUS Editor Mountain Man Times

Most of us know about the Pyrimids in Egypt and South American but not all of us know that right here in the Continental United States we have Mounds and other man made structures . In the North Eastern part of the United States we have man...y man made structures which are Calenders to mark the seasonal sun . Shining with the early morning light they mark the Solstices of the year . Heres some info on what I expect to see when I go north this spring to document the wonderful historic Adirondack lodges and other historic sights . As well as ones I have seen in East Tennessee in my travels there .... 

Photos from my trip to the Crockett Cabin in west TN .


Rick Ball shared this photo of his Great Aunts taken in the Big Greenbrier area of The Great Smoky Mountains. "Don't know the year  , We have some lovely ladies here in the Smoky Mountains too. Dangerous but Lovely "